Arbocel ACG

Fibre supplement for a healthy stomach

Arbocel ACG balances the equine digestive system of micro-organisms, thereby improving the absorption of nutrients from the gut.

  • – Preventing the digestive disorders
  • – Due to water and electrolyte balance increased resistance to diarrhoea
  • – Together all of these will improve the body’s resistance to stress and at the same time increases the animal’s performance


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Unique, non-melting fibre from ARBOCEL (R) lignocellulosic biomass
– improves consistency of feces
–  crude fibre concentrate which do not include mycotoxins
– strengthens the intestinal flora
– prevents stress reactions and feed induced digestion problems

OPC-antioxidants from grape seeds
– protects the immune system from free radicals
– enhance the effect of vitamin C and vitamin E
– very effective antioxidant that protects the cells
– prevents and decreases bacterial toxins

B-caroten from carrots
– enhances fertility
– enhances the quality of the skin and fur
– decreases the risk of infection associated to diarrhoea

Pectin from apples
– enhances the digestive system
– protects the stomach lining from irritation
– enhances absorption of nutritients from the feed
– enhances the metabolism

Instructions for use:
Recommended dose  per day
Horses 150 – 210 g
Ponies 120-80 g
Foals 90-150 g
The daily dose should be mixed in feed. Arbocel ACG is suitable for continuous feeding.

Packing and storage
5 kg. Sufficient for 1 month of 150 grams per day.
Keep in original container in a dry place, at room temperature. Keep out of the reach of children. Under appropriate storage conditions the product remains till the best-before-date.

Manufactured for 
J. Rettenmaier &Söhne GmbH + Co, KC, Tyskland