Biotin HORSE

Complementary feed
Enhances the strength and health of horse’s hooves

BIOTIN Horse provides elements, which contribute to the rebuilding of healthy hooves and shiny hair. It ensures proper formation of the hooves, increases their hardness and flexibility.
The product contains high level of biotin and copper together with zinc and methionine in the form of chelates.

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Instructions for use:
Mix BIOTIN Horse with the feed.
Adult horses: 10 g / day.
Foals: 5 g / day.
Note: The treatment period is long due to the fact that the hoof rebuilds from the top.

apple and grape pomace, wheat bran (extra dry), linseed.
Additives (in 1 kg):
biotin 2000 mg, zinc zinc chelate of amino acids, hydrate (E 6) 2000 mg, methionine 8000 mg, copper (E 4) cupric sulphate pentahydrate 1000 mg
Analytical ingredients and their levels:
raw protein 10,1%, raw fat 9,9%, ash 13,1%, raw fibre 18,9%, sodium 0%, lysine 0,2%.

Available container: 1 kg