CABI Spray

Liquid for treatment of hoof diseases and hoof care in spray form
CABI Spray is designed for spraying onto the hooves in the area of the sole and its groove, and in the treatment of disorders such as thrush and canker. It reduces the risk of the development of bacteria, fungi and inflammatory conditions, and hardens and regenerates the horn.
Organic acids contained in CABI Spray prolong the effect of minerals and prevent the binding of pathogenic bacteria and fungi from the ground with the preparation.
Thanks to the use of minerals in chelate form, these show a higher availability than their mineral equivalents.

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Instructions for use:
CABI Spray ust be used each time after hoof correction to cover the post-procedural micro-deficits, especially in the area of the sole and sole groove, protecting against pathogenic bacteria.

Aqua, Ethylene Diaminetetra Acetic Acid, Copper Diammonium Complex, Ethylene Diaminetetra Acetic Acid, Zinc Diammonium Complex, Lactic Acid

Available container: 500 ml