Krafft Gastro Support

A unique composition of B vitamins, yeast organisms and substances that counteract acidification and thus ensures sound colon functionality. Used both preventively and when problems arise, for example, in stressful situations such as change of environment, transport, change of feed and being let out to pasture.

Available in 500 g tub and 3 kg bucket.


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Feeding instructions: 

Mix into the feed. Foals and yearling 10-20 g/day. Fully grown horses 40 g/day. Maximum dosage is 50 g/day.

The dosage cup contains 20 g.

In cases of acute colon disturbance, the dosage can be doubled. If the problems remain, contact your veterinarian.

The 500 g tub will last for approx. 12 days and the 3 kg bucket will last for approx. 75 days.

Nutritious content:

Vitamin B1 500 mg/kg
Vitamin B2 1200 mg/kg
Vitamin B6 500 mg
Vitamin B12 4 mg/kg
Vitamin K3 500 mg/kg
Niacin 9000 mg/kg
Calcium panth 1200 mg/kg
Cholinechloride 30000 mg/kg
Yeast (inactivated) 40 %
Sepiolite 38 %