Krafft Lucerne Pure Pellets

KRAFFT Lucerne Pure Pellets are hot-air dried lucerne in pellet form

without added molasses. Used in combination with hay, haylage and

grazing. Rich in fibre and high-quality protein and has a balanced

composition of other important nutrients. High fibre content promotes

a healthy colon functionality and has a stabilising effect when this feed

is used as a supplement to other forage.

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Feed instructions: A guideline is approx. 0.5–4 kg per horse per day.

Ensure that the horse receives sufficient other forage (a total of 1-1.5

kg dry matter forage per 100 kg horse). Lucerne Pure Pellets should

be moistened to minimise the risk of oesophageal impaction.

Composition: KRAFFT Lucerne Pure pellets only contain lucerne.

Analytical constituents:

Metabolisable energy (ME) 8.5 MJ/kg (*0.64 FE)

Crude protein 15%

Digestible crude protein 105 g/kg

Fibre/Crude fibre 27%

Crude oil and crude fat 3%