Krafft Muscle Up

An extra protein-rich supplementary feed with a low percentage of

starch. Gives a concentrated addition of quality protein (particularly

potato protein). Extra high content of the amino acids lysine and

methionine. Suitable in the event of an acute shortage of, increased

need for or risk of deficiency of protein.

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Feed instructions:

Need for extra protein

(crude protein)

100 gram (0.25 kg portion)

200 gram (0.5 kg portion)

300 gram (0.8 kg portion)

Composition: Potato protein, Wheat bran, Green meal, Pressed sugar

beet pulp, Lucerne, Wheat, Beet molasses, Oats, Oat bran, Vegetable

rapeseed oil and fat.

Analytical constituents:

Metabolisable energy (ME) 12 MJ/kg (*0.9 FE)

Digestible energy (DE) 14 MJ/kg

Crude protein 40%

Digestible crude protein 340 g/kg

Fibre/Crude fibre 10%

Crude oil and crude fat 4%