Krafft Performance Low Starch Muesli

Low Starch Muesli is a supplementary feed with an extra low (6%) starch and (5%) sugar content, with added living yeast to balance your horse’s digestive system. The energy is provided primarily by an extra high proportion of fiber and fat. The feed has a high protein content and added minerals to more easily balance the overall ration even in small feeds.

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Always give your horse access to forage before feeding it concentrate feed and try to spread its concentrate feeds evenly throughout the day.

  • Extra low starch (6%) and sugar (5%)
  • The low starch content is advantageous for horses with certain types of muscle problems, such as tying up
  • Added Active live yeast to balance the horse’s digestive system – LEVUCELL®SC
  • Full effect of LEVUCELL®SC already at 1 kg feed
  • Complete feed with a high proportion of vitmains and minerals
  • Without oat kernels
  • GMO free raw materials, read more about GMO here
  • Recyclable paper bag 20 kg
  • Consider adding supplementary minerals to small-size concentrate feeds
  • Muesli