Krafft Sensitive Muesli

An oat free and steamed supplementary feed for adult horses in light to medium work. Contains a medium level of protein.

  • Free of oats
  • Quick release energy
  • Steamed
  • 20kg NFMS * packaged bag
  • Consider adding supplementary minerals to small-size feeds
  • Muesli

* NFMS (Nutrient Fresh Management System) is a patented plastic packaging process with seven levels of natural preservatives, antioxidants and low oxygen barrier. The packaging results in a fresher product with a longer product life, as well as a flexible bag which is easy to handle.

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Feeding instructions:

A suitable feed should be based on the nutritional value of the forage feed, level of performance and growth and whether the horse is in foal or lactating.

A guideline for an adult horse involved in light work is approx. 0.2-0.6kg of coarse feed/100kg horse and 1-1.5kg dry coarse feed/100kg horse. A low strong feed allowance may need to be supplemented with extra mineral feed.

1 litre KRAFFT Sensitive Muesli = approx. 0.5kg.


Barley flakes (steamed), Soya husks, Wheat flakes (steamed), Corn flakes (steamed), Grass, Wheat middlings, Sugar cane molasses, Pressed sugar beet pulp, Sunflower, Sodium chloride, Vegetable soya oil and fat.

Nutritious content:

Drymatter 86 %
Metabolisable energy (ME) 10,3 MJ
Digestible energy (DE) 12 MJ
Crude protein 10 %
Digestible crude protein 80 g
Digestible crude protein/energy (ME) 7,8 g/MJ
Lysine 4 g
Vegetable fibres 12 %
Crude oils and fat 3 %
Starch 35 %
Sugar 3 %
Crude ash 8 %
Calcium 1 %
Phosphorus 0,5 %
Magnesium 0,3 %
Sodium 0,3 %
Potassium 0,9 %