Ideal daily supplementation for weak or aged horses, very concentrated in vitamins, trace minerals, amino acids, magnesium, prebiotics and probiotics.

In practice

⬤ For aged horses to help muscle wasting.

⬤ In cases of difficulties with chewing.

⬤ Improvement of the coat- and hoof condition.

⬤ Helps horses at convalescence, stabilizes the intestinal flora and helps horses that have lost condition.

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Absorption and kinetics

Bioavailability and efficiency have been tested. Note, that the effects on the blood levels of these micronutrients are significant after 3 weeks and the optimum will be achieved after 6 weeks. Publications indicate that the properties of the product are optimised when the aged horse has the possibility to a daily light work.


14 vitamins, 7 diversified trace minerals, synthetic amino acids and collagen fraction, magnesium, prebiotics and probiotics in ideal concentration

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Scientific base and bibliography

More information is published in our HPH magazine 08/09. (Download pdf)
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Antidoping certificate: THE TWYDIL® SOLUTION

  • Officially certified by LCH can be used without risk.
  • TWYDIL® remains worldwide the only company to undertake a triple control at the LCH laboratory on the product and on the blood and urine of a horse having received an overdose of the TWYDIL® product before release.

Declared content until expiry date

Thanks to the exceptional quality of the utilised ingredients and the most sophisticated techniques in producing and packaging its products, TWYDIL® is able to guarantee, under proper storage conditions and use, the declared content until expiry date.


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