For leg problems; improves the circulation and allows relief.

In practice

  • Persistent swelling of the legs
  • Splints, ringbones, spavin
  • Articular swellings
  • To cover sore areas on the legs, especially tendons and ligaments

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Instructions for use

Apply a thick layer twice a day to the horse’s legs without rubbing.


Blood circulation will be stimulated locally, leading to a natural regeneration.


Iodine based gel

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Antidoping certificate: THE TWYDIL® SOLUTION

  • Officially certified by LCH can be used without risk.
  • TWYDIL® remains worldwide the only company to undertake a double control at the LCH laboratory on the blood and urine of a horse having received an overdose of the TWYDIL® product before release.


Jar of 250 g
Carton of 12 jars of 250 g