Supports the microcirculation. Helps the body’s natural defences.

In practice

  • Aids the natural defence system of young stressed horses.
  • Maintains red blood cell functions during intensive efforts.
  • Supports the blood flow and helps stabilise the heart rate.
  • Improves the coat and skin condition, even in summer when insects are present.
  • Particularly recommended for endurance race preparations.
  • For optimal fertility.
  • Supports semen motility and conservation.

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Absorption and kinetics

Even if most of the publications indicate that a minimum of 6 weeks is necessary to include the omega-3 fatty acids in cell membranes, TWYDIL® OMEGADIL showed that the omega-3 fatty acids were assimilated by the horse during the first 3 weeks with a daily dose of 60 ml.


Vegetable oils, essential fatty-acids (EPA and DHA), plant extracts, vitamins, permitted emulsifiers, antioxidants and appetisers

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TWYDIL® OMEGADIL not only provides omega-3 fatty acids but also, amongst other items, 3000 mg of vitamin E per daily intake.

Did you know that, in contrast to TWYDIL® OMEGADIL, omega-3 fatty acids, when they are not protected from oxidation during transport, production, filling and packaging, may have fatal health effects.

Scientific base and bibliography

The first results have been published in the HPH scientific magazine 04/05 (pages 24 – 28). (Download pdf)

Fraipont A., de Moffarts B., Lekeux P., Art T., Effects of a fatty acid-enriched antioxydant supplement on markers of cellular damage, oxidative and inflammatory stress in endurance horse. In proceedings: WEVA congrès, Moscou, Russia, 2008.

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Portier K, de Moffarts B, Fellman N, Kirschvink N, Motta C, Letellierw C,
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Antidoping certificate: THE TWYDIL® SOLUTION

  • Officially certified by LCH can be used without risk.
  • TWYDIL® remains worldwide the only company to undertake a triple control at the LCH laboratory on the product and on the blood and urine of a horse having received an overdose of the TWYDIL® product before release.

Declared content until expiry date

Thanks to the exceptional quality of the utilised ingredients and the most sophisticated techniques in producing and packaging its products, TWYDIL® is able to guarantee, under proper storage conditions and use, the declared content until expiry date.


Bag-in-box of 2 litres
(with a complex multilayer film, in order to prevent any contact with oxygen)