Helix is a risk gene test that is recommended before selling or buying a horse. It works as an assurance for the buyer that the horse has been checked for serious risk genes, and associated hereditary illnesses. This test is also a good tool for breeding: you can make sure your horse is not carrying any of these harmful risk genes to pass on to its foals.

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Origo is a risk gene test that is recommended for stallions and mares before breeding. Paring two horses that carry the same harmful gene can cause miscarriages and/or deaths. By doing the Origo risk gene test, you can make sure that your horse is not carrying these genes. Find out more

The Synchrogait gait keeper (DMRT3) gene test is an easy way of finding out how well your horse can maintain coordination and rhythm in a high speed trot. When your goal is to breed and train successful trotters, it is important to know the genes of your horse - this is why we recommend testing race horses as well as breeding stallions and mares.SynchroGait is a licensed product and Aavagen is one of the five authorised providers in the world.  Find out more

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