Supplementary feeding mixture

Has antidiarrhoeal and stabilizing actions on the function of the alimentary tract in horses. Especially useful in foal diarrhoea, during oestrus in mares, and in diarrhoeas of various origin in older horses.
DIARRI Stop has a styptic effect on the alimentary tract, and forms a  thin, insoluble layer protecting the mucosa. It inhibits minor bleeding from capillaries, reduces the migration of water into the intestinal lumen, and thus prevents dilution of chyme.
DIARRI Stop also forms complexes with bacterial toxins, supporting their elimination from the alimentary tract, and has an aseptic effect.
DIARRI Stop is a preparation that reduces the risk of dyspepsia with diarrhoeic symptoms and stabilizes the alimentary tract in horses.

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Instructions for use:
Horses: 100 g per 500 kg b.w. onto moistened oats or forming a paste 1x/day for 3 days.
Foals: 10 g per 50 kg b.w. forming a paste 1x/day for 3 days.
Maximum dose: 0.2 g/kg b.w./day.

DIARRI Stop is effective but not appetising. To facilitate intake of 100 g of the preparation, mix with 2 tablespoons of honey and give the paste to the animal showing symptoms of diarrhoea.

dextrose (crystalline glucose), brewer’s yeast
Additives (per 1 kg):
sensory additives: tannins from chestnut tree (Castanea sativa Mill) – minimum 900 g/ kg.

Analytical ingredients and their levels:
raw protein 0%, raw fibre 4,1%, oils and raw fats 0%, raw ash 0%, lysine 0%, methionine 0%, sodium 0%

Available containers: 150 g, 1 kg with measures of 100 g