eQ Psyllium Plus

For sand removal

Supplement for horses that eat sand and suffer from constipation. It forms a gel that transfer sand off from horses intestines and also softens bowels contents when constipating.

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Active coal 34,02, Carbovet (R)  34 %
Propylene glycol  36 %
Water  29,7 %
Xanthan gum (E415)  0,3 %

Analytical constituents
Crude protein  0,9 %
Crude fiber   25 %
Crude oils and fats 0,5 %
Sodium 0,5 %
One tube contains 122 grams of  Carbovet (R) active coal.

Instructions for use
Recommended dosage 120 grams per day.

  1. Place the tube in the silicone pistol. Cut off the tip of the tube and screw the plastic attachment provided in the package securely in its place.
  2. Grab the by the corner gf his mouth with your free hand.
  3. Insert the tip of the plunger into the horses throat parallell with the horses tounge.
  4. Empty the contents of the tube in accordance with the horses natural swallowing rhythm. Make sure that no content is going into the horses windpipe!

Package and storage
Box with 4 x 335 gr, 10 x 60 gr.
Keep in original container in a dry place, at room temperature. Keep out of the reach of children. Under appropriate storage conditions the product remains till the best-before-date, see stamp on package.