Krafft Groov original

A supplementary feed that ensures the intake of quality protein

and fibre for all horses. The feed contains a medium-high level of

protein that is easily digestible and has a high proportion of essential

amino acids.

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Feed instructions: A guideline for an adult horse is approx. 0.2-0.6 kg

of concentrate/100 kg horse and 1-1.5 kg dry matter forage/100 kg

horse. A small concentrate allowance may need to be supplemented

with extra mineral feed.

Composition: Oat bran, Wheat bran, Oats (high fat oats), Lucerne,

Pressed sugar beet pulp, Wheat, Green meal, Beet molasses, Oats,

Barley, Potato protein, Sodium chloride, Vegetable rapeseed oil and fat.

Analytical constituents:

Metabolisable energy (ME) 10 MJ/kg (*0.8 FE)

Digestible energy (DE) 11.6 MJ/kg

Crude protein 13%

Digestible crude protein 105 g/kg

Fibre/Crude fibre 15%

Crude oil and crude fat 5%

Analytical constituents:


Metabolisable energy (ME) 9.0 MJ/kg (*0.7 FE)

Digestible energy (DE) 10.5 MJ/kg

Crude protein 11%

Digestible crude protein 90 g/kg

Fibre/Crude fibre 18%

Crude oil and crude fat 4%