Krafft Performance Maxbalance

A supplementary feed for high-performance horses or horses with a

sensitive stomach, with high SPC effect per kg of feed. As a result

of a patented natural process (SPC), the feed has properties that

provide quicker normalisation of the fluid balance and accelerate

recovery after training.

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Feed instructions: A guideline for an adult horse is approx. 0.2 kg of

concentrate/100 kg horse and 1-1.5 kg dry matter hay/haylage/100 kg

horse. A small concentrate allowance may need to be supplemented

with extra mineral feed.

Composition: Oats (specially processed), Pressed sugar beet pulp, Oat

bran, Wheat bran, Beet molasses, Wheat, Green meal, Sodium chloride.

Analytical constituents:

Metabolisable energy (ME) 10.5 MJ/kg (*0.85 FE)

Digestible energy (DE) 12.2 MJ/kg

Crude protein 10%

Digestible crude protein 75 g/kg

Fibre/Crude fibre 13%

Crude oil and crude fat 4%