Krafft Sensitive Mash

Special oat free feed containing raw materials such as apple, carrot, yeast and linseed. Soak in warm or cold water for about 15 minutes before feeding. Sensitive Mash can be used to increase the water consumption by the horse, stabilize its fluid balance or to help it recover faster following exercise and in any other circumstances when an increased water consumption is desirable, such as horses with diarrhoea, prone to colic, etc. Contains a medium level of protein.

Category Tag

  • Soak in cold or warm water for about 15 minutes before feeding
  • Free of oats
  • 15kg NFMS * packaged bag
  • Consider adding supplementary minerals to small-size feeds
  • Mash

* NFMS (Nutrient Fresh Management System) is a patented plastic packaging process with seven levels of natural preservatives, antioxidants and low oxygen barrier. The packaging results in a fresher product with a longer product life, as well as a flexible bag which is easy to handle.